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Artists of Russian artist and Avantgarde artist.

WEBMASTER (Takashi Eguchi) , Company (MSI) of General Producer, Company (SOFTBANK E-COMMERCE CORP.) of Marketing &PR Manager. In March the 2000 he retired E-Commerce strategy planning and marketing director of Digital Garage INC. and In March the 1993 he retired Sales Promotion (SP) of Development of Daiichi-Kikaku Co., Ltd. (Asatsu-DK Co., Ltd.) and studied Copyright and Competition Law and Internet Marketing Promotion.

    Mr. Eguchi's major achievements during this specific period.
    1. Campaign and popularization of Shampoo and Skin care products for Kanebo Co., Ltd. .
    2. Promotion of "THE WORLD SOCCER '90" (clients of SHARP Co.,Ltd.), which was the first event of the sort held at TOKYO DOME BASEBALL FIELD.
    3. In April, 1992 he was involved in the production of VTR on "ROTTERDAM MARATHON".
    4. In September, 1992 he was the project leader of an art exbition "RUSSIAN AVANTGARDE". It was the first time that collections of The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg was shown to the public outside Russia.
    5. He was involved in the promotion and coordination of an art exhibition "THE ART FESTIVAL OF DENMARK '93" to be held in December, 1993, tied up with Danish Ambassador and Danish Office of Commerce, cooperated by Asahi News Paper Enterprises.
    6. In August, 1993. Promotion of the stage by "YOSHIMOTO-SHIN KIGEKI" sponsored by City of YUBARI.
    7. In September, 1998. In the world at the beginning, it produces a magazine that a sound exits, construction and developmented by publishing company of Seiryusha Inc.
    8. In November, 1999. he was the project manager of E-Commerce Launching "LAWSON".


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